One Week and Counting

We have one week until we begin lessons. Notice I didn’t say “school”. One of my goals this year is to not do “school” at home. I began to realize that since I have chosen to do the hard work of educating my children with the intent to give them the best education possible, maybe recreating a broken system in my home is not the best path to go down. It can be quite overwhelming to think about, given that the only model I have experience with is the public school system. The more I muse about it, the more things I realize I have no reason for except it’s how I’ve seen it done in school. The freedom is exhilarating, yet a little daunting.

Summer Boredom

Summer Boredom

On a lighter note, my kids are SO ready to get to their lessons. They’re bored, and they have been underfoot while I’m preparing the lessons this past week. They’re so disappointed that they can’t work on them yet. In a way, I think maybe I should just let them start, but I won’t. Waiting and being excited for something is a good experience. Besides, I really don’t want them to get started in a haphazard way. The more organized the first weeks are, the better the rest of the year will go. (At least, I hope…)

Now I’m off to check some more details and look over the plans (again).


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