Lessons Have Begun

“Mom, can we have cuddle time now?” Ladybug is completely worn out. She fell asleep in the car as we were driving home from Ace’s orthodontist appointment this afternoon. Her lessons haven’t been overly hard for her, but the excitement of finally being a homeschooler has gotten to her. Today was our second day and it is going very well. I am so pleased with my decision to keep her home this year, along with her brothers. (I had thought about waiting until next year to bring her home.) She and Monkey Boy have never experienced homeschooling before, but they seem to be figuring out the routine quickly.

As for Monkey Boy, he is tireless! I can already tell that he will really blossom this year. His tenacity finally has a positive outlet, and I can see his disappointment when I tell him we need to be done with his lessons. I already have ideas for revising his schedule and lessons to better suit his personality, and will be changing things up until I find a method that suits him. He very much needs more time with one subject, rather than short periods. From birth, he has had the tendency to lose himself in his task and has a very difficult time making the switch to a different one until he has the new concept mastered.

Monkey Boy

Monkey Boy learns about classification.

Little Hoot hasn’t really had ‘transition’ time. It’s like he never took a summer break. He is naturally organized and is displaying complete dedication to his studies. He has only had one day of lessons, as his grandpa took him golfing today. Lucky!

Ace is taking his first year of High School very seriously. He has noticed a difference in the work load this year, but is very much equal to the task.


Ace is taking College Prep seriously

All told, we’re off to a great start. As for me, I am feeling great! I get really stressed out just before I start something new or get close to a deadline, but the stress flies away once it starts. I am just glad to see my children growing, learning, and being happy.


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