Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm


Monkey Boy cooking over the campfire Ace started.

Our first Field Trip of the year went really well, despite the chilly temperatures and occasional rain. We went to the Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm in Olathe, KS, for their homeschool program. Ace felt he was a little too old for it, but he really enjoyed helping to start a campfire (it was really windy and the instructor was pressed for time). I believe he enjoyed cracking the whip also.  😉

Little Hoot is also on the older side for the program, but he enjoyed the day just the same. It is really geared for elementary ages, and I believe Monkey Boy got the most out of it. Ladybug was a little too young for the information but really liked doing the activities. (I moved her to the older group to keep the family together.)

Prairie Schooner

Ladybug with the covered wagon

Prairie Schooner

Monkey Boy with the covered wagon

The information presented was about the Oregon, California, and Santa Fe trails in the 19th Century. They had a ‘Prairie Schooner’ covered wagon and authentic supplies to demonstrate how the people lived during their travel westward. They took the kids on a carriage ride and taught about how the Mahaffie house was only about 100 yards from the trail (all 3 together, before they split) and was turned into a stagecoach stop.
Little Hoot

Little Hoot in the Stagecoach


Monkey Boy & Ladybug in the Stagecoach


Ace in the stagecoach

After the carriage ride, the kids got to see the types of products that were brought back from Santa Fe (still part of Mexico at the time.) They also got to try their hand a cracking a whip. Next, they moved to the gold panning lessons where they learned about the California Gold Rush of 1849. I never knew before that the people would go by sea (crossing Panama or going around S. America) to get to California as often as by land. The gold may have only been “practice gold”, but the kids were so excited when they found it!

Panning for Gold

Ace panning for gold

Gold Panning

Little Hoot panning for gold.

Gold Panning

Monkey Boy panning for gold.

Gold Panning

Ladybug panning for gold.

Panning for Gold

They were excited to find it, even though it was “practice” gold.

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