Our (non) Routine

Routine? What routine? We’re not very good about having a schedule. I have spent countless hours trying to achieve a homeschool routine that I thought I “should” have. While I know that having a routine and doing things on a regular schedule are really good for kids and all that, I just don’t seem to have it in me.

My Planner

I used to include times in my lesson plans and lay out a complex schedule. Now, I just list what needs to be done for each day.

Like today, for instance. It is 10am, and our house is just now getting rolling. By 11, I expect that we’ll be going strong on our work for the day. Since we ate breakfast late, lunch will probably come around 2pm, and we’ll be wrapping up our studies around 4, when Captain Chemist (the hubster) gets home.

As for a method in the madness, we’re still working on it. We’re 3 weeks in now, and we have been adjusting it all along. I think we’ve almost found the way for us, but it will always be somewhat fluid. As of now, it looks like this: After breakfast and clean-up, I work with Ace and Little Hoot on their Algebra lesson while Monkey Boy and Ladybug play.

Next, the older boys work on their studies independently while I do math, science, history and literature with Monkey Boy and Ladybug. Then, they go play again while Ace, Little Hoot and I work on Latin.

Somewhere in there is lunch, and usually there’s some time where all 4 children are working independently and I can play on the computer. Soon we’ll be adding in Handicrafts, Nature Walks and other fun stuff in the afternoon.

Now, I know that some of you are much more organized than this. I admire you and respect you. I have spent much time and had much heartache trying to be like you. But the truth is, I just haven’t found the way. I have realized that I just don’t have the personality or the skills to pull it off, but I have accepted this. I have actually found that our homeschool is more productive since I have given up on making it “perfect”.

To the new homeschoolers out there, I want you to know that there is no ONE WAY to homeschool. If there were, we could just write it up in a scope & sequence and a set of lesson plans, implement it in the public school system and everyone would be happy. I wish I hadn’t taken so long to see this.


2 responses to “Our (non) Routine

  1. And not being “perfect” actually makes you a better teacher/educator/PARENT than those who still strive for it. Oddly enough, I just read some thoughts that were very similar to yours that made me go, “Hmm… she’s right.”

    • Melinda – Thank you for your comment and kind words. This is very close to my heart right now, as I believe if I had only been able to see this truth years ago, my children would never have been in public school in the first place. I am so glad to have this perspective now.

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