High School Electives

The idea of electives for my Homeschool High Schooler alternately humbles and excites me. I love that he is exploring his own identity, yet the idea of providing lessons on something that I may have no experience with can be daunting. Over the summer I spoke with Ace about the possibility of adding an elective of his choice to his class list this year. Although the kids have always had personal interests they have pursued, I wanted to add something in a more “official” way now that he’s beginning his college prep years. He told me he wanted to learn HTML. At first I was relieved by his choice because I have some experience with HTML, CSS and web design, so I thought this would make everything that much easier. But then when the reality of having all 4 kids homeschooling this year started to settle in, I realized that I would be hard-pressed to design the curriculum and keep up with the extra lessons and I began to worry. Never to fear! My public library system came to the rescue!

Ace learning HTML

Ace is absorbed in his HTML lesson

While looking through the Online Resources section of the Mid-Continent Public Library’s website, imagine my relief when I discovered they have FREE instructor-led classes, one of which is HTML. The series continues with XTML, CSS, and web design. Ace is now 1 week into this 6-week class. He absolutely loves it, and works hard to get his “core” classes done in a timely manner so he can spend his afternoons absorbed in this new world he’s discovering. He was just telling me that he wants to continue the series through the rest of the school year and I couldn’t be happier with that choice.

The past few months, I have really been amazed at his growth, not only physically but as a person too. I think it’s just as fascinating and amazing as the baby and preschool years. I am so thankful for homeschooling and that we chose to continue through these sometimes frustrating, always wonderful high school years.

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