We Love Khan Academy!

I know it’s a strong statement to make, but I can’t help getting excited about something that makes my kids excited. Today I had Monkey Boy work on his math concepts by logging him into Khan Academy. He LOVED it and told me that he was doing school at Khan every day from now on. If you haven’t checked it out, you really should.

First, I must tell you that everything on the site is completely FREE. It started as a way for Sal Khan to tutor his cousin. He began making videos and the whole thing has grown from that. He decided to continue making videos and now he has videos from basic arithmetic through calculus, plus all the sciences, history, economics and computer sciences. In addition to very nicely done videos, the math section has interactive quizzes to practice the concepts.

A large part of my afternoon was spent using the “goals” function to create what basically amounts to lesson plans on Monkey Boy’s account. Now when I log him on he can follow the sequence of videos and quizzes that I set up to follow along with his curriculum.

I also took some time to look through the Biology videos and the Algebra lessons for the older boys and am pretty far along with getting their goals set up. When I’m done with those, I will be making goals for Ladybug’s first grade math as well.

Don’t you just love finding a great resource that makes your kids excited to do their lessons?

Monkey Boy

Monkey Boy working the math skills at Khan Academy


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