Recovering from Illness

October has been a rough month for me. I came down with a pretty bad stomach bug which lasted for two weeks and ended with me in the hospital. I have been recovering from that for about a week now. I am amazed at how long it has taken to get my energy level back to where it was. Ace and Little Hoot worked hard to keep up with their studies on their own. They each fell a little behind but worked valiantly! They helped keep Monkey Boy and Ladybug safe and happy while I was sick and away from home. Neither of the younger two got much of anything completed, but that’s okay. The year is still young and we have plenty of time to catch up on book work. 

Ladybug got a special treat today. One of her friends had an extra ticket to go horseback riding and invited her to come along! I am excited to hear all about it and I’m sure she’s having a WONDERFUL time right now!

I was at my parents’ house this weekend and went through a couple of tubs of books I have stored in their barn. I had to laugh last night as my children were so engrossed in the “new” books that they weren’t hearing me when I was speaking to them. Those apples sure didn’t fall far from the tree! A box full of books feels like Christmas around here.


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