Can You Taste Electricity?

We started a new family project series today and had a great time doing it. MonkeyBoy has been struggling with the adjustment from Public School lately and he gave me hugs after this experiment and told me he loves homeschool now. I’ll take it!

We’re using the book Make: Electronics (Learning by Discovery). So far, it seems to be the best beginner guide we’ve looked at. I have ABSOLUTELY NO experience with electronics and I am understanding how to do the experiments and am learning right along with the kids. I probably wouldn’t have picked electronics as our family project if I only had young elementary aged kids, but I’m letting my younger ones take part. MonkeyBoy and LadyBug may not grasp all the details but they seemed to get quite a bit out of the experiment today.

This book doesn’t expect you to learn a lot of technical terms or uses for parts before you begin. It starts with a shopping list followed by an experiment. During the experiment, it teaches the concepts and terms as well as some background and even talks about famous scientists and their discoveries.

Alright, on to the experiment! Today we learned about resistance and electrical current. We touched a 9 volt battery to our tongues; first when it was wet:

9 volt battery

This battery bites!

Then we dried our tongues and tried it again. We discovered that it didn’t “bite” quite as much with a dry tongue.

Drying Tongue


Then, we tested the electrical resistance of both a wet tongue and a dry tongue with a multimeter.


Testing Resistance

Last, we used a battery clip with wires to test the current with variable distances between terminals.

9 volt wires

It bit me!

My inner nerd (well, actually, my nerdiness shows frequently) is having a great day now!

I linked up this post with the Homeschool Science Share & Tell!



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