A New Era Has Begun

I have decided that Baby Books end way too soon. I have found that the most remarkable things happen way after the Baby Books are sitting on a shelf gathering dust. Where’s the entry for ‘learns to clean up after self’? Or how about ‘rides a skateboard without falling’ and ‘switches to adult sized clothing’? Not to mention ‘accepts responsibility for own actions’.
I am in awe of the wonderful beings whose training and care God has entrusted me with. The older they get, the more excited I am to see who they are becoming and the challenges they can overcome. The milestones they are reaching seem so much more significant lately.

We will be back at our lessons soon, after an extended Christmas break.
During the break, my second-born reached another in his long list of milestones. He got braces and I think they make him look so grown up. I admit I am a little wistful, but mostly I am proud of the man he is becoming.



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