And… They’re Off!

Getting back to normal after the holidays is always refreshing to me. For us, this included a little reorganizing. We changed the daily schedule, the weekly schedule, and even changed some of the subjects we’re studying. One of the kids’ favorite changes was reserving Fridays for science experiments and art only.

We have really been enjoying this! Today we did some work with oobleck (cornstarch goo), but I failed to take pictures.

Last Friday, we explored acid/base reactions using baking soda and vinegar.

Science Experiments

Ladybug & Little Hoot exploring baking soda & vinegar

Our art project today was a nighttime winter scene with birch trees done in watercolor and using a masking technique. To see the blog I got this project from, click here.
We haven’t finished them yet, as they have to dry between steps. Here’s what they look like so far:


Ladybug – masking is done


Monkey Boy painting


Little Hoot waiting for watercolor to dry



Ace waiting for artwork to dry


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