Our 2012-2013 Curriculum Choices

Ace: 14 years, Freshman | Little Hoot: 13 years, 8th | Monkey Boy: 8 years, 3rd | Ladybug: 6 years, 1st

We’re pretty eclectic, but I draw a lot from Classical & Charlotte Mason approaches.

History & Geography

As a family, we’re studying the years of 1600-1850 this year. We’re also studying the geography of South America, Central America & Africa. For History, we have a main textbook, and then will add in plenty of biographies and other books from the library to supplement. Ace & Little Hoot will create a Century Book, while Monkey Boy and Ladybug will be using a timeline.

Ace & Little Hoot are using National Geographic Almanac of World History.

Monkey Boy & Ladybug will use The Story of the World, Volume 3.

For Geography, we’re using some blackline maps that I’ve had forever to learn countries and capitals. We’re using library books for each region and country to add in tons of info about the physical features, cultures, and wildlife. I recently purchased Expedition Earth from Confessions of a Homeschooler. It looks really great, and I can’t wait to try it out!


We’re doing double duty with Science, using a curriculum for formal Science lessons and also doing Nature Study. Each kid has their own Science curriculum, but we do Nature Study together using The Handbook of Nature Study
. I am hoping to also begin this amazing FREE curriculum from the Missouri Department of Conservation during Nature Study soon.

Ace is studying Biology this year. We’re using Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Biology.

Little Hoot is using Apologia also – Exploring Creation with Physical Science.

Monkey Boy is using Bob Jones’ 3rd Grade Science. It’s not really enough for an entire year, so when we’re done with it, we’ll begin a study of Chemistry using Fizz Bubble & Flash.

Ladybug is reading The Burgess Animal Book and The Burgess Bird Book and doing experiments and activities. She will join in with Monkey Boy when he starts Chemistry.


Ace and Little Hoot are doing a review of Grammar using the FREE Daily Grammar Lessons.

Monkey Boy is working on his spelling using Spelling Power. Ace and Little Hoot are in the very upper levels, so they do spelling lessons maybe once a week. I really like this book and the approach it takes to learning spelling. I also like that one book is all you need for the whole family.

Ladybug is working through the Phonics Pathways book and loving it! Since 2001 when I got this book for Ace, I have been unable to understand what all the fuss is about concerning teaching a child to read. Using this book, it is the most simple, straightforward thing ever.

They are all working on their penmanship with copywork that I create for them using passages from their favorite books, the Bible, or other great literature. They also do narrations and dictation. In addition, Ace will be learning how to write research papers this year.


We’re using Saxon Math for the older two. They’re both studying Algebra this year.

For the younger two, we chose Singapore Math. Monkey Boy started with Singapore’s Primary Math 2B and the accompanying Workbook. Ladybug started with Primary Math 1A and the Workbook.

I also decided to try out the Miquon Math Labs with Monkey Boy and Ladybug.


For all the kids, Literature is a smorgasbord of wonderful classic books, many of which I got for free on my Kindle e-reader. In case you’re wondering, I undeniably ADORE my Kindle! I do still enjoy reading from a real paper book, but there are so many reasons why having a Kindle for my personal use and homeschool is great. I’ll have to do a post about why I love it. I’m sure it’s too lengthy to put here!

Foreign Language


We are using Rosetta Stone to learn German. I would like to point out that we use the homeschool version. I haven’t researched the differences between it and the regular version. What I know is that the Homeschool version supports up to 5 users and comes with worksheets and tests that you can print. It also has a Parent Administration area where you can see time spent learning, percentage correct and other record keeping info and you can set the curriculum path (our younger kids are just working on speaking and listening, whereas our older children work on grammar, spelling, and reading skills as well).


Ace and Little Hoot started learning Latin this year using Henle Latin I and the accompanying Lesson Plans from Memoria Press. None of us have any experience whatsoever with Latin, and we’re doing just fine with this program. I’m learning right along with them!


Learning Page

This free website is full of fun worksheets and activities all based around a central theme (Dinosaurs, Zoo, Insects, etc.). They have Math, Language and Science worksheets for each theme in grades Pre – 3rd. They also have Basics sheets and an archive full of seasonal themed sheets. They also have several other wonderful paid websites that I have used before but currently don’t need.


My older boys are using Traditional Logic I by Memoria Press along with The Fallacy Detective.


We do artist studies, composer studies, Bible study, PE, health and lots of memory work. They will all be learning an instrument this year – Ace chose guitar, Little Hoot wants to learn to play a Bodhran (Irish Drum), Monkey Boy and Ladybug will both be learning piano. Ace is interested in learning HTML, so I will have to find the websites I learned from when he starts doing that.

I think that’s everything! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment!


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